Corry Community Foundation

FAQ for Grant Seekers


Do I have to be a 501©(3) nonprofit corporation?

Yes, but if your organization in not a 501©(3), you need to identify an organization that is willing to serve as your fiduciary agent.

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How do you decide which grant applications to fund?

It is never easy. We use a competitive grant process to distribute our unrestricted income. Collectively, our trustees have decades of experience that touches virtually every non-profit organization. We consult with other fundors, community leadership, needs assessments, and then make our best judgments.

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What do you not fund?

  • Public or Private Schools
  • School Districts
  • Governmental Entities
  • Churches

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How do we know if our organization would be eligible for a grant or if our project would be of interest to the Corry Community Foundation?

The Corry Community Foundation makes its grants to tax-exempt agencies classified as 501©(3) organizations (public charities as defined by the Internal Revenue Service). This grant making is from our unrestricted grant making pool. In other words, when a donor makes a gift to the Corry Community Foundation, the donor asks the Foundation to make wise choices with the grant money.

Priority is given to programs that:

  • Create and improve quality services and programs for vulnerable and underserved populations.
  • Increase the quality, effectiveness and viability of nonprofit organizations.
  • Develop or test/evaluate new, creative community solutions.
  • Promote problem-solving that supports partnerships and collaboration.

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How do I apply for a grant?

Organizations requesting funding from the Corry Community Foundation are required to submit a grant application. Click here for more information.

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If I am preparing a proposal to send to the Corry Community Foundation, what must I do and where do I send it?

First, download an application there are two different applications depending on your financial need. If you have any questions, please call (814) 664-3884.

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What are the deadlines for submitting a grant application?

  • Mini-Grant Application – Deadlines are the 1st of the following months: March, May, July, September, and November.
  • Standard Grant Application – Deadlines are March 1 and September 1.

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What if I have questions or need help with submitting my grant application?

Contact Shelby Scouten at (814) 664-3884.

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Once our grant application is submitted, when can we expect to hear a decision?

Once your application is received, the process takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Grant applications that request significant amounts of funding, those that deal with complex or new programs, or those that have significant unanswered questions will likely require longer review times or possibly a site visit. In these cases, you should allow eight to 10 weeks for full review of your proposal from submission of the grant inquiry to decision.

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How often can we apply?

The Corry Community Foundation requests you submit only one application per period.

  • Mini-Grant Application – March, May, July, September, and November.
  • Standard Grant Application – March 1 and September 1.

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If our previous grant request was declined, can we apply again?

Yes, each application is considered on its own merits.

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How much money can we ask for?

There is a wide range in the dollar amounts of grants awarded. Organizations should request the amount actually needed to successfully complete the proposed project.

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Can I get money from the Corry Community Foundation if I have a personal dire need?

The Corry Community Foundation does not make grants or loans to individuals. As a community foundation, we are designed to serve the charitable and educational needs of tax-exempt (nonprofit) organizations in the Corry area. For students, we do have a number of scholarships available for those who meet the criteria.

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